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Rating Information

The scoring system developed by TCR is based on a weighted average of 6 individual scores allocated to 6 important attributes of each project, in particular:
  1. the whitepaper,
  2. the core value proposition,
  3. the team & advisors,
  4. the roadmap & progress,
  5. the partnerships & investors, and finally,
  6. social media & communication.
Scores are not generated automatically, but are based on a manual and comprehensive assessment of publically available material and information for each individual coin in our TCR selection.

Note: Cryptocurrencies cannot be assessed based on this model as the value will depend on other aspects such as speed and cost of transfer, privacy, adoption, ecosystem etc. Hence the reason why cryptocurrencies are not scored or rated on TCR yet.

Max Points
Break down
White Paper
Is the overall quality of the White Paper high and does it clearly convey the key technological, strategic and tactical highlights of the project? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
Core Value Proposition
From a blockchain perspective. Does blockchain technology play an important role in providing the solution to the problem this project is trying to solve? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
From an economic perspective. What is the economic viability of the project and does it have a significant market potential? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
Team and Advisors
Does the team and the leadership have the relevant experienced to lead and develop this project? No: 0
Somewhat: 7.5
Definitely: 15
Are the advisors relevant to the project and do they have sufficient experience to provide appropriate guidance? No: 0
Somewhat: 2.5
Definitely: 5
Roadmap and Progress
Is the roadmap clear, logical and achievable? No: 0
Somewhat: 2.5
Definitely: 5
Is the project making steady progress consistent with the roadmap? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
Partnerships and
Are the partnerships relevant and of sufficient quality and scope to support the growth of the project? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
Does the quality and number of investors inspire confidence in the project? No: 0
Somewhat: 5
Definitely: 10
Social Media and
Does the social media presence and general communication contribute positively to the marketing and overall perception of the project? No: 0
Medium: 7.5
High: 15
The scores and the related ratings are time-sensitive assessments, based on the information currently available, they may however evolve over time as the project matures and more information becomes available.

Based on each score a predefined rating is allocated as shown in the table below.

Rating based on Score

Score A+
>= 92 - <= 100
Score A
>= 85 - < 91
Score B+
>= 75 - < 85
Score B
>= 64 - < 75
Score C+
>= 50 - < 64
Score C
>= 38 - < 50
Score D
>= 18 - < 38
Score E
< 18

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